Grade 8-10 Inspiration & Exploration

It is a fundamental training stage from Grade 8 to Grade 10.  We motivate students to read, think, and challenge their creative thinking during these early years.  We further inspire our students through different brainstorming activities and exercises.  The students will be encouraged to experience and explore different formats of art and materials.  


Grade 11-12 Expression & Presentation

Grade 11 and 12 are the core years for university applications.  We work with our students to achieve their goal.  We expose information and techniques to prepare them for an advanced phase.  From grade 11 on, students will focus on creating quality works to be collected in their portfolio.  They will learn to visually express their ideas and verbally articulate their work.

Children’s Art Foundation   

3 Schedules to choose from: Wed, Fri: 4:00pm – 6:00pm; Sat. 10:00am-noon 

Ages:Gr. 1- Gr. 7, in small groups  

Start after 2017 Spring Break.  Register Now!

Course Description:

We believe that whether a child develops into an artist or scientist, encouraging the creative process is essential in the early educational years. Students will be learning to explore, imagine, and experiment with a variety of mediums and fun topics. This course provides the opportunity for students to engage in fundamental art practices alongside the development of their creative potential and story-telling skills.

Arts & Crafts for Adults 

Ages:All Adults

Course Description:Art Appreciation, Art making, De-stressing!

This is a course designed especially for busy adults, moms, and dads. This class not only offers students hands-on projects, but also fosters creative thinking and articulation skills. Fun and de-stressing, this class will be held in an inspiring and relaxing environment. Students will be able to learn a variety of painting and hand-building techniques with their friends. They will also be introduced to the basics of art appreciation.

No prerequisites required. Everyone is welcome.


Our students have been admitted to the following Universities and Art Schools in the past years

University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Cornell University, Princeton University, Rice University, Washington University in St. Louis, Carnege Mellon University, New York University, Southern California University, UC – Berkely, UCLA, Brown University, Toronto University, McGill University, Southern California Institute of Architecture

Rhode Island School of Design, Pratt Institute, Parsons, Art Center, CCA, Maryland Institute College of Art, Chicago Institute of Art, School of Visual Art, Emily Carr, OCAD, Central Saint Martins- UAL and etc.